The Curious Case of Kabbalah Popularity in Hollywood

Anyone who has been following the news in Hollywood of late will have realized that there is big new trend sweeping the artistic, celebrity haven – the Kabbalah, the codified spiritual and philosophical system of hundreds of years of Jewish, Christian and pre-christian exogesic (interpretive) study. First and foremost among the champions of the ancient wisdom tradition is none other than the “Queen of Pop,” singer and song writer, Madonna Louise Ciccone, more commonly known simply as Madonna. She became so spellbound by the study of the Kabbalah that she opened up numerous Kabbalah Centers to further spread awareness and study of the philosophical practice. Though Madonna is probably the most famous and well known advocate of the practice of Kabbalah in Hollywood (and arguably the world at the moment), she is far from alone. A whole host of other A list celebrities share her enthusiasm and reverence for the practice, such as That 70s Show actor, Ashton Kutcher and highly lauded comedian, Sandra Bernhard.

For instance, many of Madonna and Kutcher’s predecessors, such as Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, where all also practitioners of the philosophy of the Kabbalah.

One of the primary reasons why Kabbalah has had such a impact in Hollywood in particular (and this is attested to my numerous adherents themselves) is due to the way that the tenets of the belief system combat the fatigues incurred from the fast, taxing and often unfulfilling celebrity lifestyle. The Kabbalah stresses that every individual should labor to understand the nature of reality to better understand the nature of the Ein Sof (a manifestation of God), a struggle which starts with self understanding, for failing to understand one’s self one can not, obviously, be expected to understand God. Many celebrities, such as the aforementioned comedian, Sandra Bernhard, has publicly stated that the practice of Kabbalah eliminated “at least 80 percent of the chaos in my life.”