Securus Technology Successfully Completes their Drone Detection Pilot Program.

While drones have been frequently used in the world of photography, there have been reports of them being used in the delivery of unlawful contraband to prisons. According to correctional officials, drones are being used to deliver drugs, weapons, pornography, and even cell phones to prisoners. For this reason, has been working on a pilot project meant to detect and deter drones from having their way to correctional facilities.

Recently, Securus announced of having successfully completed the pilot program and they are going to continue perfecting this emerging technology to ensure any prevailing weakness is dealt with. In the drone detection project, Securus has been working with several technology partners in the development, installation, and implementation of this technology.

Drone detection is using an infrastructure similar to that of the Wireless Containment Solution being used by Securus to detect contraband cellphones in prisons.

The use of drones to deliver illegal products to inmates is a great threat to public safety and that of corrections officers and also fellow inmates. Technologies such as the Securus’ drone detection technology are necessary to enhance security.

Securus Wins Stevia Awards.

Securus Technology, a public safety, investigation and corrections services provider, has been working tirelessly through investigation and invention of new technologies required to control increased crime rates. Recently, the company has named the best Sales and Customer Service company in the 2018 Stevia Awards. This is the third consecutive year that Securus has won the Gold Stevia.

Securus’ Operation’s Senior Vice President, Danny de Hoyos said he and the entire team were truly delighted and proud of their customer service team. He further said that 2017 was indeed their best year in Customer Resolution, Net Promoters Scores, and First Call Resolution and the award was a confirmation of the same. He was grateful to their Corporate Escalations team which ensured that they gave the best services to their customers and also that the different groups worked in harmony.


Securus Technologies Company Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies Company is one of the few companies that uphold their satisfaction models in the inmate industry. For more than two decades of excellence and professional experience, the company has offered massive amounts of technology solutions in a manner that predicts the company’s achievements in the industry. If you are looking towards solving the business problems in the industry, the only thing to do is to achieve better business solutions. This is what Securus Technologies Company does in the inmate industry. For all the purchases the company makes, they are looking forward to having an unparalleled solution to every problem facing their clients in the inmate industry. This is perhaps the reason why Securus Technologies Company is the best in the correctional world.


Securus Technologies Company is a technology solutions company that offers its solutions to make the inmate industry modernized. With more than 10 engineers and technologists working day and night for the sake of the inmate industry, Securus Technologies Company is second to none when it comes to keeping up with the latest technology trends in the industry. Securus Technologies Company is also considered as the leading provider of the technology solutions that are geared towards making the company better for public safety. The technology provided by Securus Technologies Company also fosters monitoring, corrections, and investigations.


Dany De Hoyos, the CEO and President of Securus Technologies Company, says that the company’s accreditation means the best business profile for those seeking fast income solutions. If you are seeking better business values, ensure you end up with the best experiences. You must always strive to achieve the technical business solutions in a manner that depicts your leadership in the world of technology. The Better Business Bureau recommended certain solutions to Securus Technologies Company to get the best accreditation in the inmate industry.


Securus Technologies – Dominating the Correctional Industry Since Last Three Decades

There are many companies out there in the field of inmate communications, but Securus Technologies is winning the race. The reason why Securus Technologies is winning is that it has focused on innovation from the very beginning. The company helped from the very start to revamp the dull and dying correctional industry, and thanks to its efforts, the correctional industry is highly modernized today. Many of the products and services offered by Securus Technologies are used by thousands of prison facilities across the United States, District of Columbia, and in Canada. The company also provides parolee tracking services and government information management system.



Securus Technologies has changed the way the law enforcement agencies work as well. The company offers modern investigative technology and services, which has helped the law enforcement officers and institutions to work efficiently as well as safely. Some of the most popular services offered by Securus Technologies in the law enforcement area are LBS Service and Investigation Pro. It helps the police officers to keep an eye on the criminals and ensure that any criminal activities are quickly acted upon to control the damage. Securus Technologies has assisted in catching thousands of criminals over the years and has made the lives of law enforcement much easier and safer.



It is because of this reason, many of the office’s mail and writes to the company often showcasing their love for the enterprise. The excerpts from the letters written by the police offers were shared by the company in a media release recently. It helped the company to show to the target audience the contributions made by the company to the correctional industry. Securus Technologies is dedicated and committed to finding means to help the law enforcement agencies as well as inmates through the use of advanced communication and crime prevention technology.