Jim Larkin – On topic article

” A fair days work for a fair day’s pay” is a quote that was first used by Jim Larkin, a trade Unionist. Larkin was born in 1876 in Liverpool. Even though he had very little education, that did not stop him from leaving his mark on history.


Larkin picked up work doing whatever he could before getting a job at the Liverpool docks as the foreman. He advocated for fair working conditions for all. He became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL), and in 1950, he became a full-time trade organizer.


In order to achieve his objective of all workers being treated equally, he would plan strikes. However, the NUDL did not approve of his militant strike methods, so they transferred Larkin to Dublin. However, that did not stop him. While in Dublin, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The objective of the union was to combine skilled and unskilled workers in order to create a single organization. He later formed the Irish Labour Party. He organized the famous strike of 1913 where workers were on strike for seven months and finally received the right to fair work.


At the beginning of World War I, Larkin planned anti-war demonstrations. He also went on a lecture tour to the United States. While in the United States, he tried to raise money to fight the British. He became an active member of the Socialist Party. He was convicted of criminal anarchy, and after he was pardoned three years later, he was deported back to Ireland.


Upon his return to Ireland, he formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland. In 1945, Larkin joined the Irish Labour Party. He continued to fight for the rights of workers until his death in 1947.