Malcolm CasSelle: Big Data, Big Ideas

In an era were we can now own a percentage of collectable memorabilia in the physical world, a new world of opportunity is opening up in the virtual world. Using tokenization, customers can buy and sell virtual “in game” assets, using Malcolm CasSell’s Worldwide Asset exchange (WAX).

Like a world championship baseball glove in the physical world, portions of digital assets can be traded amongst users in an online marketplace. In WAX, users (known as transfer agents) are responsible for transferring assets under the supervision of a lager group (known as Guilds). Ratings are given to insure dependability. As the platform grows, eventually physical assets will be added to this innovative new system.

Malcolm CasSelle has a long history of leading startups to success. In 1998 he was elected CEO of Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW), a telecom service provider based in Hong Kong. The company is currently valued at over $35 billion USD. From 2006 to 2013 he served as director of Hong Kong based Capital Union Investments. Fluent in Mandarin, he later worked in Shanghai, where he ran the P&L for Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China. Using his skills as a sales strategist and venture capitalist, he helped the company grow significantly prior to its IPO.

With a Bachelors in Computer Science from MIT and a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford, Malcolm CasSelle is well versed in technology. He has used his team building and programming knowledge to unlock countless business opportunities. Recently, as president and CTO of Tribune Publishing, he helped build an advanced technology team able to jumpstart revenue growth.

His forward thinking vision is reflected in WAX’s business plan. WAX aims to enable 1.8 billion gamers world wide to exchange goods in a fully functional marketplace. It enables anyone to take part in one secure decentralized platform with instant payments. The online virtual goods trading market is already estimated at $50 billion. WAX aims to unlock its full potential.

Jason Hope Futurist Of Scottsdale

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and futurist residing in Scottsdale Arizona. Jason has spent his time researching new trends and ideas in technology in order to determine where the future is heading. His recent ideas about Internet of Things (IoT) has caused waves in the industry and is causing people to think.


The Internet of Things is the interconnected technology that links all devices and allows them to talk with one another. This includes everything beyond the obvious technology of phones and computers. Refrigerators, street lights and automobiles are all examples. This connectivity allows all devices to share the same resources and reduce waste and time. Jason Hope talks about how this connectivity has the potential to completely change how we all live and do business. Hope believes this technology will be the biggest investment across all businesses and we will eventually live in a world where all devices are connected and talk to each other.

Hope talks about how right now this is a just a convince for most people, but in the future this will be the standard of living and doing business. He explains that the benefit of this technology will be enormous and improve the quality of life for everyone. People will be more connected with themselves, the people around them, and the technology that drives all of our lives.

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