Rocketship Education Changing the Way Children Achieve

Measures of Academic Progress(MAP) is a new method of measuring Children’s progress introduced by the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP regulates growth between assessments and thru particular measurements can project when a student will be ready for a subject. Testing proficiency shows when students fall beneath the national standard.

There is a significant difference between a proficiency score and a growth score. A proficiency score tests the achievement of a student at a specific time, for example, 9th grade, first quarter. A growth score maps a child growth over a period. The term used by the MAP Growth assessment is “value-added,” which means MAP is not limited or restricted to a particular and point in assessing a student’s growth at one point, but can project over a more considerable interval of time as a year to plan what a student is ready to learn at a future date. The core of MAP testing is to find specific areas of interest and engagement for each student so that they can engage in specific learning tasks relevant to their individual growth. Traditional testing has looked to the past, while MAP testing projects what a particular student is prepared to learn to advance their future educational paths specific to their growth. MAP is being used across by over 7,400 schools throughout the world, but Rocketship Education was also implemented as part of educational strategy in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools in Nashville, TN. in three schools, 1073 enrolled with 73% low-income, but now ranked #2 in over 73 elementary schools throughout Nashville Schools. What the Rocketship United Academy program came to realize by applying the MAP to underperforming students was that it allowed students to find areas of interest motivated them to regain their focus and grow from underperforming to substantial growth toward higher achievements.

Over 146 students closed the gap in one year. Applying MAP means students can learn how to break out of barriers to performing below national averages by applying “added-value” learning as a focal point for individual growth.

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