Behind the scenes of the band Chainsmokers as told by Alex Paul

Alex pall of Chainsmokers band attribute their meeting with the other duo Andrew Stuggart to their love of dance music. With them living and having a debut in music at different cities, they later meet through their current manager who by then was already managing Pall. On their first day of meeting and sharing their dreams and aspirations, they agreed that they had the common ground that could take them to the next step as artists.

Pall had initially been in DJ gigs and he was mainly on the lookout of what would make their music different. From the word go they began with the determination of delivering music that is not only appealing and different but also something that would help them in their self-discovery journey. As he compares their growth four years down the line, Alex feels that they have really achieved milestones.

Alex Pall is in a better position to take us for a deep dive into their music waters thanks to the fact that they as the Chainsmokers band are heavily involved in every stage of their music production and that includes writing. Unlike other artists, Alex says music from the Chainsmokers is unique because it not only reflects their personalities but also their real life experiences. But with the fans and the label expecting an album anytime, they sometimes involve song writers. But one thing to note is that he believes in such cases is that their input to their writing is also considered.

As a duo, Alex Pall emphasizes on the constant communication between the two as they continue on the journey musically. He believes that the journey has been one of self-discovery for the both of them and as such they always make a point of discussing the next move to prevent misunderstandings in future.

Some of the remarkable milestones that they have marked include featuring, Halsely in their song ‘’Closer’’. From their social media, Pall is happy to note that their music is cutting across all ages. To prove this, Alex points out various instances where parents applaud them for their work. Case in study is Alex’s mum who loves to hum ‘Roses” one of their initial songs. At the same time their fan base is world wide spread, from far Asia to Africa.

Alex Pall parting shot is the need for the group to continue delivering and not forgetting to be different in all its performances and this is inclusive of all shows where they will mix some of their live shows with the DJ shows.