Betsy DeVos: The Anti-Trump Of Temperament

The general consensus in the public about the temperament of the President is that it is very fragile. He is prone to emotional outbursts, and he is often unwilling or unable to hold back from saying exactly whatever is on his mind the minute that it pops into his head. It is actually something that has cost him political points on more than one occasion. With someone like that running the show, you might expect that all of those around him would be the same way, but that is actually not the case.


Betsy DeVos is a great example of someone in the Trump Administration who has taken a different tact about things. The Secretary of Education has always been known by people as someone who gets things done, but not everyone realized that she did a lot of her work without raising much of a fuss at all. She is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person who pushes for what she believes in, but she does so in a way that doesn’t rock the boat.


It was very difficult to get Betsy DeVos confirmed through the Senate (she only managed to get through after a tie-breaking vote by Vice-President Mike Pence). However, that early lesson may have been the reason why she pays so much attention to how she comports herself now that she is a member of the Cabinet. She doesn’t really want to draw any more attention inwardly than what is absolutely necessary. She would prefer to just sit back and continue to get her work done.


The people who know DeVos on a personal level have always commented on how polite she is. They say that she is the kind of person that you want to spend time around. She just gives off these great vibes that make you feel special as a person, and that is important in a relationship. She doesn’t talk down to people. She would rather hear them out and see if they have good ideas that she might be able to make use out of.


On top of all of those qualities, she is a work horse. She just doesn’t give up on the causes and the people that she believes in. She believes that the vision that she has for how education can work in America is really the best vision that there is. She is going to get it done no matter what kind of opposition may try to stand in her way.


These are all vital qualities that we should note when discussing who Betsy DeVos really is. There is no point in trying to narrow her down to being less than all of those things mentioned above.


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