The Story Of Dr. Saad Saad Is An Inspirational One That Has Already Motivated Many People

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon and physician who came to the United States after a very interesting childhood. He was born in Palestine during the latter part of the 1940s when the state of Israel was just being created. This forced his family, including himself, to move from the region, and this happened very quickly. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

His mother thought that they would return home shortly, so they left with only the clothes they were wearing. They were soon relocated to the West Bank, and, fortunately, his father joined them after finding a boat owner that would take him across the river.

Dr. Saad Saad ended up moving to Kuwait with his family and was told by his father that he would need to get a good education in order to succeed in the world. Later on in his life, he ended up deciding to become a pediatric surgeon, and he studied at and graduated from medical school in order to do so.

In an interview, Dr. Saad Saad once commented that if an economically challenged refugee from Palestine can become a success in the world then anyone can. This attitude along with his success has motivated many different people.

Dr. Saad Saad has always believed that a person should never wait for tomorrow to do what they can today. He feels like knowing this has helped him to become the success he is now, and he also feels that his strong work ethic has helped plenty.

When he first came to the U.S.A., he worked very hard until he became a US Board Certified pediatric surgeon. This eventually caught the attention of the Saudi Royal family who asked him to serve as their children’s pediatric surgeon. He also performed pediatric surgery on other children in Saudi Arabia until the late 1980s.

Dr. Saad Saad’s drive to help ease his patients pain and discomfort motivated him to create two inventions. The first of these has to do with the endoscope, which is a device that is used to look inside of a patient’s esophagus, lungs, and stomach.

The problem with these devices are that they fog up easily from liquids and gases inside of the human body. This means they have to be taken out and cleaned constantly only to be reinserted. Dr. Saad Saad invented a suction device which replaces the anti-fog port on an endoscope. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

This now allows surgeons to clean an endoscope as they go so they don’t have to continually take it out of their patient’s body. He also invented the electromagnetic catheter, which makes it much easier to locate these devices once they are placed inside of a patient’s body.

William Saito the Cybersecurity Expert

William Saito is a Japanese American entrepreneur, a strategic advisor, former Japanese political advisor, and a cybersecurity expert. He has been an active member of the tech industry for a couple of years. In ten years, Saito started his career in computer programming as an intern. William Saito started his software company while in college out of the dorm room.


The firm, which eventually became an input and output Software, was an essential tool in the Japanese software industry. William Saito’s firm designed and developed authentication systems such as fingerprint recognition tool in partnership with Sony. In the year 1998, he was recognized as the Ernst and Young’s innovator of the year.


Saito’s Experience within the Tech Industry


William Saito recognized that technology is everywhere and since then; he has been working hard to address the issue through his leadership in the cybersecurity across the globe. He is one of the world’s great and foremost experts on the cybersecurity, providing extensive information about how firms and individuals can protect their assets from cyber-attacks.


His interest in the programming industry started while young and later converted it into his firm in high school. William Saito believes in the transformative practice of failing and that’s why he quickly rose to become one of the greatest experts in the tech field. He became one of the top 100 most influential individuals in Japan. His programming work spans continents and countries as a venture of the capitalist, strategic advisor and author to most private firms such as Japan Airlines and the top senior advisor to the Japanese Prime Minister.


Saito’s Approach to Crisis Management


In various informational articles, Saito talks about incidents such as Y2K, 9/11 and the Fukushima that helped him understand what cybersecurity means. At the early stage, William Saito was the Chief Technology Officer at the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Independent Investigation Commission which provided information to the state’s national legislator. This position allowed him to recognize how minor errors can lead to major disasters. According to him, it is all about time, perspective and the ability to zoom out and look at issues within a bigger picture. He says that it is possible to implement security the cheap without having to sacrifice usability.


Betsy DeVos: The Anti-Trump Of Temperament

The general consensus in the public about the temperament of the President is that it is very fragile. He is prone to emotional outbursts, and he is often unwilling or unable to hold back from saying exactly whatever is on his mind the minute that it pops into his head. It is actually something that has cost him political points on more than one occasion. With someone like that running the show, you might expect that all of those around him would be the same way, but that is actually not the case.


Betsy DeVos is a great example of someone in the Trump Administration who has taken a different tact about things. The Secretary of Education has always been known by people as someone who gets things done, but not everyone realized that she did a lot of her work without raising much of a fuss at all. She is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person who pushes for what she believes in, but she does so in a way that doesn’t rock the boat.


It was very difficult to get Betsy DeVos confirmed through the Senate (she only managed to get through after a tie-breaking vote by Vice-President Mike Pence). However, that early lesson may have been the reason why she pays so much attention to how she comports herself now that she is a member of the Cabinet. She doesn’t really want to draw any more attention inwardly than what is absolutely necessary. She would prefer to just sit back and continue to get her work done.


The people who know DeVos on a personal level have always commented on how polite she is. They say that she is the kind of person that you want to spend time around. She just gives off these great vibes that make you feel special as a person, and that is important in a relationship. She doesn’t talk down to people. She would rather hear them out and see if they have good ideas that she might be able to make use out of.


On top of all of those qualities, she is a work horse. She just doesn’t give up on the causes and the people that she believes in. She believes that the vision that she has for how education can work in America is really the best vision that there is. She is going to get it done no matter what kind of opposition may try to stand in her way.


These are all vital qualities that we should note when discussing who Betsy DeVos really is. There is no point in trying to narrow her down to being less than all of those things mentioned above.


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Freedom Checks Follow Matt Badiali’s Investment Strategy To Enjoy a Secured Financial Life

More and more people are devoting their time to researching the financial markets so that they can invest smartly. If you are one of those, who are looking to spend in safeguarding your future financially but doesn’t know where to make then sure that you follow veteran financial experts like the renowned Matt Badiali. With over two decades of experience in the energy and finance sector, you can be sure that the expert financial guidance by Matt would help you sail through the financial doldrums and invest in a strategic manner. It would help you get through the economic turmoil with ease and have sufficient financial buffer to pass through any financial crisis.

Matt Badiali is currently an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, which he joined a couple of years ago to help the familiar people to know about the right investment products for them. Matt Badiali has helped many people through his financial wisdom to invest wisely and build a secure financial future. In the last few years, the financial markets have been fluctuating wildly, and it has become highly challenging for people to find out where to invest. Matt Badiali says that people should invest in the master limited partnership firms that are from the energy sector. If you are looking forward to building a future that is financially secured, investing in MLP companies is going to help you out.

Matt Badiali says that by investing in MLP companies, people would be able to earn Freedom Checks. The dividends that these companies pay out are what Matt refers to as Freedom Checks. Rest assured that by utilizing these Freedom Checks, you would be able to live a life free of any financial worries. Make sure to invest smartly and according to market trends to enjoy a financially secured future. There are many different investment products available in the market and by using these products; you would be able to earn a considerable amount of money on a regular basis through the Freedom Checks. Whether you do not want to have financial constraints, or just want to enjoy your retirement, then follow the investment strategy proposed by leading financial analyst Matt Badiali.

How Neurocore is Treating Brain Disorders using Technology

The day to day activities of people is bound to cause a level of stress of discomfort to them. Our brains are the center of all events that we do from thinking, behaviours, and emotions. People experience many symptoms of possible mental conditions such as lack of sleep, lack of mental acuity and inability to handle stress. This signs usually point to an underlying major brain issue such as depression, anxiety or ADHD. The former is a brain disorder that mostly causes children to be hyperactive, impulsive or inattentive. Depression, on the other hand, is common in adults and manifests in a change of behavior due to the inability to handle certain situations in life.

ADHD is one of the commonly diagnosed disorders with about 11% of children between 4% and 17% being affected. Depression has also recorded high numbers with approximately 10.3 million US adults being diagnosed with it in 2016. The figure could be even higher. Despite these astonishing figures, most patients depend on prescription medicine to manage the conditions. Neurocore is providing alternative treatment options by using advanced techniques such as brain mapping and Neurofeedback. They usually conduct numerous tests and then come up with a therapy session that trains the brain to function better. With these techniques, Neurocore has been able to reduce depression and ADHD to a great extent and more than half of the patients who have gone through the program no longer exhibit symptoms of the disorders.

Neurocore was founded in 2004 to provide alternative cures for the brain disorders and improve on other brain functioning such as brain memory. By using Neurotherapy and biofeedback called heart rate variability training, Neurocore has become an authority in applications of neuroscience. They have eight operational brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Even for athletes, brain performance is becoming a critical issue in training. Some teams have also incorporated Neurofeedback in their practices. Portland Trail Blazers, a sports team, recently partnered with Neurocore to have them add a brain room to their training facility. With a lot of research and experiments going on by scientists, one can only expect more efficiency in these treatment methods.

Spreading Their Wings: OSI Group

OSI Group was a small company that began just outside Chicago, Illinois in 1909. The company then was known as Otto and Sons. As the company grew in stature it was ready to move to the big leagues. The move took place in 1975 when the company changed its name to OSI Group. Since that time, leaders like David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin have contributed immensely to the growth of the company. Now more than a century after it opened OSI has made its way on to the global stage and has become one of the largest food processing plants in the world today.

The reason that this particular company has been able to go global is due to an event that happened in 1955. It began with another company called McDonald’s. McDonald’s asked if the company could supply the meat necessary for their stores. Soon McDonald’s took off and the only job for Otto and Sons at that particular time was processing meat for a large number of regional stores.

A little later on, there was a new technology that would make things much easier for the eventual OSI Group. It was the breakthrough of flash freezing products. This process allowed meat to be frozen with liquid nitrogen and allowed the company to process more orders at a much faster rate keeping McDonald’s ahead of the competition. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

In 1975 the company officially became OSI Group. Now the technology was making things much easier and allowed the company to expand. After the name change, it built a plant used specifically for McDonald’s needs. This made the relationship between the two companies much better and now the company could spread its wings on the worldwide market.

The company was able to get the foot in the door when it purchased Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats and snacks. The company also acquired Flagship Europe which is a frozen food company that deals with chicken and sauces. Now the expansion continues when OSI opened a new facility in the Philippines. With these purchases, the company can find more markets to cater in all parts of the world.

OSI Group has been able to spread their wings and fly with the best of them in the world today. As long as there is innovation this company will be at the head of the class. They know what to do.

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Neurocore Is Better Than Others

There are too many misunderstandings when it comes to the subject of mental health. People are misled in all sorts of directions. For example, there are many articles on the internet that speak about mental issues. These articles are interesting and informative, though some people may read them and diagnose themselves as having certain mental health issues. Sometimes, trusted medical professionals quickly label people without proper thought or care. When people are labeled as having certain mental illnesses, there are subtle impliations that imply a lack of control for those who suffer. This is not true. A lot of mental issues that people have can be helped, cured and treated by therapy that involves a lot of thought, care and consideration.

You don’t need pills or surgeries to treat your problems. Neurocore proves this by providing non-invasive therapies that help people with conditions like depression, autism, anxiety and ADHD. Seasoned professionals coach clients on how to breath properly so that they can avoid oxygen deprivation. Most people don’t really think about oxygen deprivation despite the fact that it plays a huge role in how well we function. Oxygen deprivation will affect your emotions, your focus and your thoughts.

People who have ADHD may really have oxygen deprivation. Doctors are so quick to diagnose people with ADHD and prescribe them pills without considering other reasons for why a person may not have the best focus. Not being able to focus may have a lot to with nutrition, oxygen consumption, lack of exercise and lack of proper socialization. A lot of a person’s supposed ADHD problem can be due to some sort of imbalance in the person’s life. Labeling someone with ADHD implies that the person has a permanent “disease” that can only be fixed with eternal treatments.

Neurocore understands that the real “disease” behind these diseases is a lack of oxygen and a lack of understanding. This is why they have come up with biofeedback and neurofeedback therapies. These therapies aide people in breathing better and pinpointing when their brain activities go astray.

Kimberly Bakker: Designer Events

Celebrating a specific momentous occasion should be a highlight of their life. Certain individual milestones are perfect for gathering family and friends for the joyous moments to celebrate together. Kimberly Bakker and her event team know how to bring the ideal festivities for any event.

Kimberly Bakker and her team specialize in making any Bat Mitzvah, birthday, anniversary and other significant time of someone’s life a night or day to always remember. Her boutique brand makes sure that every detail has been catered and personally tailored for each specific event and person.

The birthday parties and Bat Mitzvah’s for teens are stylish, fun and yet also the height of sophistication. Kimberly Bakker brings the epitome of class and fun flair for each of the events by individualizing colors, patterns, food and music for a considerable time throughout the day.

Kimberly Bakker’s parties that celebrate certain milestones for adults usually involve the shedding of tears and laughter for the joyous affair. After a glorious spread of chef-inspired cuisine, music and dancing fill the space to continue the entertainment long into the night.

Not only is the event a fun time to celebrate the time together, but the decorations, drinks and food are custom made and fitted for the individual. Particular colors are selected and made to order flowers and adornments fill whichever space is used to highlight the happening. She has even moved her events to travel abroad.

Kimberly Bakker is a must have for anyone’s next life highpoint. Seek her out for a more personalized touch. With splashes of boutique and high-end designer styles, her catered parties will be the talk of anyone’s next catered event.

“Stream Care” a charity foundation of stream energy for the devastation of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey pummeled the Houston area with 56 inches of rain, killing people, countless pets, and destroying many homes. The Dallas-based company Stream Energy was one of the first businesses to found and fund initiatives to help with the recovery process. To this end of this and other philanthropic works in they launched a charity foundation called “Stream Cares.” Via this foundation Stream pioneered the way for Texas companies to start giving both financially and through services. Not only does it obviously help the community, but it also helps the companies who are thus gaining the respect and loyalty of potential clients.

Research of the growing phenomenon shows that in the year 2016 alone American companies gave almost $19 billion to charities. For its own philanthropic initiatives Stream Energy has also formed partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. As for the business side of its work, Stream is a direct seller whose associates work with their clients to deliver a number of different kinds of services and products. Its independent associates work with clients in both the residential and corporate sectors. While all of these independent associates can opt to choose not to go into philanthropy, most do so.

Particularly popular philanthropic projects include things involving homelessness. One big homeless project involves Stream Energy’s partnership with Hope Supply Company to help feet more than 1,000 North Texas homeless children. They do this at an annual event called Splash of Hope at a local water park. The event also provides needed things for kids and their families like baby products, clothes, and school supplies. Stream does not do any of its philanthropic work as a detracted benefactor. Its associates are committed to forming lasting relationships with the people they help. Its Senior Event Manager, Kimberly Girard, says Stream Energy is continuing its path of helping people and changing lives.

Feel The Benefits of Volcanic Water – Waiakea Water

While occasional water drinkers may feel that all water is the same, a growing number of people feel that different sources of water will have different tastes, different purities and impurities, and even different health benefits. Some people don’t mind water out of the tap, while others prefer their water filtered. Bottled water drinkers may purchase whatever brand is cheapest, or they’ll only purchase a select brand which they feel is best-tasting and most beneficial.

Hawaii volcanic water definitely helps to show that not all water is the same. Waiakea Water is based out of Hawaii, right where they collect their water from. The process is done by filtering Hawaiian water through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock in the Mauna Loa volcano. This filtering process naturally enriches their water with electrolytes and nutrients, and the Waikea Water ph level is considerably pure at 8.8.

A growing concern among environmentally conscious consumers when it comes to bottled water is sustainability. Plastic can be difficult to recycle, so most of those bottles end up in the landfill. Bottled water companies must find a way to be sustainable in order to combat this issue. Waiakea Water is set to be an industry leader by using the world’s first fully biodegradable water bottle. While a traditional water bottle can take over 1,000 years to fully degrade, the Waiakea bottle takes just 15.

Purchasing Hawaii volcanic water not only provides the consumer with many health benefits but also contributes to a greater cost. Waiakea Water understands the true struggle for clean drinking water in third-world nations, and is doing something to help. 1 liter of Waiakea Water sold equates to 650 liters of drinking water to the those who need in Africa through the Pump Aid project. Along with all the health benefits that Hawaii volcanic water can provide, the ability to help others is the top reason to give Waiakea Water a try.