Kimberly Bakker: Designer Events

Celebrating a specific momentous occasion should be a highlight of their life. Certain individual milestones are perfect for gathering family and friends for the joyous moments to celebrate together. Kimberly Bakker and her event team know how to bring the ideal festivities for any event.

Kimberly Bakker and her team specialize in making any Bat Mitzvah, birthday, anniversary and other significant time of someone’s life a night or day to always remember. Her boutique brand makes sure that every detail has been catered and personally tailored for each specific event and person.

The birthday parties and Bat Mitzvah’s for teens are stylish, fun and yet also the height of sophistication. Kimberly Bakker brings the epitome of class and fun flair for each of the events by individualizing colors, patterns, food and music for a considerable time throughout the day.

Kimberly Bakker’s parties that celebrate certain milestones for adults usually involve the shedding of tears and laughter for the joyous affair. After a glorious spread of chef-inspired cuisine, music and dancing fill the space to continue the entertainment long into the night.

Not only is the event a fun time to celebrate the time together, but the decorations, drinks and food are custom made and fitted for the individual. Particular colors are selected and made to order flowers and adornments fill whichever space is used to highlight the happening. She has even moved her events to travel abroad.

Kimberly Bakker is a must have for anyone’s next life highpoint. Seek her out for a more personalized touch. With splashes of boutique and high-end designer styles, her catered parties will be the talk of anyone’s next catered event.

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