David McDonald: President of International Food Giant Knows the Business From the Ground Up

Since the beginning of time, most of the food human beings eat has come from some sort of farm. So, it makes sense that the COO of one of the largest food processing conglomerates in the world also comes from a farm.

David McDonald was born and raised on a farm in Iowa. McDonald’s upbringing laid the ideal foundation for someone to head a business that is one of the largest providers of food to countries around the globe.

After McDonald graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Animal Science with special honors, he went to work for a company called OSI Group as an intern for Sheldon Lavin. Lavin currently serves as the CEO of OSI Group. He is also the head of OSI International Foods Ltd operation. Lavin was an integral part of the company’s rise to prominence in the early 1970’s, and he still has input in all areas of corporate operations.

For the next three decades, David McDonald would tirelessly work his way up the corporate ladder with OSI Group until he could go no further, reaching one of the pinnacles of corporate leadership.

David McDonald is responsible for not only the day to day business operations of this monolithic corporation, but he also has his eye on the future growth of the company. In southern Europe, OSI Group has been involved in a major expansion of poultry production in response to an increased demand for the product in recent years.

In the US and the UK, McDonald has presided over various expansion projects increasing the production of meat, vegetables, and even tofu-based products. David McDonald understands that building new processing plants has to do with more than merely the growth of the bottom line for OSI Group; these business ventures also help people by providing employment opportunities that benefit local communities both now and in the future.

McDonald and his family live in the Chicago area.

David McDonald: From Iowa Farm to a Global Leadership Position

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