Igor Conelsen: Astute Investment Banker who prefers facts rather than opinions

Igor Conelsen is a popular Brazilian Investment banker who possesses a unique ability to calculate compounded rates, a skill he developed when calculators and computers were yet to get popular. He has made a name for himself in the world of investment banking, which served as the idea for his business. Igor used to engage in fiscal management building the necessary experience needed in this field.

Igor Conelsen attended the Federal University of Parana to study engineering but later dropped it and delved into Economics in the same institution. He built his reputation as an astute investment banker and had served in different positions in various finance organizations since then. Mr. Conelsen says his idea of business emanates from his experience attained from working for investment banks.

On bringing his ideas to life, Mr. Conelsen follows the economies with improving investing assets. He sells assets to countries, which are likely to have economic decisions or problems related to politics. His entrepreneurial productivity emanates from the time he invests in getting information from Reuters as opposed to the time wasted with analysis that comes from analysts or other investors. Mr. Conelsen derives excitement from his ability to perceive a new trend, which can potentially spur changes in the market before other participants

Igor Conelsen advises managers to focus more on information rather than the opinion of other market participants. The idea is to see how news influences the markets and to see the world as a whole rather than small pieces.

Mr. Conelsen has worked at Multibanco CEO until its acquisition by Bank of America. Igor left to join Unibanco where he worked until 1985. He joined Libra Bank PLC, a London Merchant Bank, which marked the first time he would receive his salary in dollars. Igor continues to work as an investment banker to date.

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