Drew Madden

How to improve hospital logistics through technology according to Drew Madden

Technology has brought about a strong wave that is changing how we do things. Ten years ago, the mobile phone was a mere calling device. Today, it has evolved to become something that people need for their lives to run smoothly.

Thanks to the technological advancements, we can access accurate data that we can use to make decisions about the most important aspects of our lives such as our health. A hospital has many areas that can be made more efficient by adopting technology.

The logistics department, for instance, is one of the busiest areas of a hospital. It is also critical because failures in this area can lead to loss of life. To enhance efficiency in logistics, hospital managements could use devices that can transmit real-time locations and other data. This could ultimately help to save lives.

Most hospitals are complex organizations with different departments. All the departments have to somehow work together to ensure the smooth running of the facility. One way of making this easy is to adopt a technology that could advise a certain department on the current whereabouts of certain patients or recourses.

Having real-time data of the patients that are coming to a certain department can help the doctor and people in that department to know if the patient needs certain special care. The department’s staff can also tell if the patient has a medical condition that might be contaminable, hence remove other people to avoid spreading the contamination.

Having this real-time data can also help the staff to plan appropriately because they know the exact location of their next client. Being able to execute a plan successfully will help hospitals to avoid delays and increase their chances of saving lives.

Drew Madden is a healthcare and information communication expert. He runs Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is a graduate from University of Iowa with more than 15 years experience in various departments and at different capacities. He is passionate about electronic medical records and how they can be used to enhance healthcare delivery.

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