Anthony Petrello- Management At Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is an oil and natural gas drilling firm in the United States. It has offices in Texas. It deals with the supply of drilling technology to oil firms all over the world. Currently operating in over 25 countries, it is largest drilling technology firm. In recent years, it has been making huge progress by signing some great business deals with huge multinationals. The major difference between this company and others in the oil industry is the management.

The management of Nabors industries is behind some great changes in the drilling sector. The impact this company has made does not only affect them; they affect the way other companies approach the industry. Nabors Industries have set the bar for drilling services too high that no mediocrity can survive. By having the best drilling rings in the world, they have won the hearts of many oil companies which would like to explore as well as.

CEO Tony Petrello leads the management of Nabors Industries. It has leadership skills in the company which has proved vital for growth. He has taken the company from a medium-sized company to a now a multi-billion firm which is getting business from all corners of the world. His input in the firm started two decades ago when he was hired as the Chief Operating Officer. Since then, he has been facilitating various innovation in the leadership of the firm to boots services delivery.


Anthony Petrello has invested heavily in the workforce. He understands the workers are the people that he needs to run the company and by maintaining a good relationship with them, the operations of the company will be far much effective than before. Workers in this firm are well remunerated so that they can also provide good services. Tony Petrello has also invested in technology which is the biggest reason the company has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Tony Petrello leadership in the company cannot be compared to any other CEO. Through the efforts he has applied in his work, he has become one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States because the company is making huge profits. Tony Petrello is a problem solver who comes up with brilliant solutions to challenges. This is his strongest point and the reason he has managed to move the company forward in such a short time. When others are stalling their operations due to challenges, Petrello is able to overcome the challenges through creative solutions.

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