Norman Pattiz Launches A Brand New Paranormal Podcast Series

Norman Pattiz announced the launch of ‘Beyond the Darkness. The show, which will be available at the Jericho Network, will be released weekly with its new episodes available every Monday on the PodcastOne platform. Users will access the podcasts directly at or through Android and iOS applications. Pattiz is the company’s founder and executive chairman.

The new show increases the genre of entertainment and educational podcasts one can access at the America’s largest advertiser-supported podcast platform. According to Pattiz, the new show will feature enlightening and entertaining conversations on paranormal activities. It will incorporate interviews with researchers and individuals that have had personal encounters with angels, demons, aliens, ghosts, ghouls, mysteries, miracles, and monsters.

WWE star Chris Jericho owns Jericho Network. The wrestler managed to grow the network from airing wrestling content to include many genres. The addition of this show to the network’s collection will push the podcast towards becoming one of the most loved channels on the platform. During the announcement of ‘Beyond the Darkness,’ Pattiz referred to the network as PodcastOne’s Jewel, indicating its value to the platform. This information was originally mentioned on PRNewswire as provided in the following link

Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis will host the paranormal show. The two hosts have a background in hosting radio shows and enjoy a huge fan base. Dave is an author and radio host while Tim is a radio producer. Chris Jericho believes that the two will have a great impact on the show. In addition, the podcast will benefit from Chris’ huge fan base. The star was present at the launch.

Chris is very anxious for the series to starts. He believes that the public will love the show and listen to every new episode. The WWE star promised his fans that the show would highlight on experiences that will shake their knowledge of paranormal activities. Besides being educative, the show will be entertaining.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a seasoned broadcaster and entrepreneur. The founder and chairman of PodcastOne has worked for different broadcasting stations. The peak of his broadcasting career was marked in 2000 when President Clinton appointed him to the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Two years later, President Bush reappointed him to the same position. At the board, he was in charge of broadcasting services such as ‘radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and The Voice of America. Pattiz is also an established entrepreneur, as he owns many companies. He is the founder of WestwoodOne, America’s largest radio network. Pattiz is also the proprietor of Courtside Entertainment Group.



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