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” A fair days work for a fair day’s pay” is a quote that was first used by Jim Larkin, a trade Unionist. Larkin was born in 1876 in Liverpool. Even though he had very little education, that did not stop him from leaving his mark on history.


Larkin picked up work doing whatever he could before getting a job at the Liverpool docks as the foreman. He advocated for fair working conditions for all. He became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL), and in 1950, he became a full-time trade organizer.


In order to achieve his objective of all workers being treated equally, he would plan strikes. However, the NUDL did not approve of his militant strike methods, so they transferred Larkin to Dublin. However, that did not stop him. While in Dublin, he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. The objective of the union was to combine skilled and unskilled workers in order to create a single organization. He later formed the Irish Labour Party. He organized the famous strike of 1913 where workers were on strike for seven months and finally received the right to fair work.


At the beginning of World War I, Larkin planned anti-war demonstrations. He also went on a lecture tour to the United States. While in the United States, he tried to raise money to fight the British. He became an active member of the Socialist Party. He was convicted of criminal anarchy, and after he was pardoned three years later, he was deported back to Ireland.


Upon his return to Ireland, he formed the Workers’ Union of Ireland. In 1945, Larkin joined the Irish Labour Party. He continued to fight for the rights of workers until his death in 1947.

Securus Technology Successfully Completes their Drone Detection Pilot Program.

While drones have been frequently used in the world of photography, there have been reports of them being used in the delivery of unlawful contraband to prisons. According to correctional officials, drones are being used to deliver drugs, weapons, pornography, and even cell phones to prisoners. For this reason, has been working on a pilot project meant to detect and deter drones from having their way to correctional facilities.

Recently, Securus announced of having successfully completed the pilot program and they are going to continue perfecting this emerging technology to ensure any prevailing weakness is dealt with. In the drone detection project, Securus has been working with several technology partners in the development, installation, and implementation of this technology.

Drone detection is using an infrastructure similar to that of the Wireless Containment Solution being used by Securus to detect contraband cellphones in prisons.

The use of drones to deliver illegal products to inmates is a great threat to public safety and that of corrections officers and also fellow inmates. Technologies such as the Securus’ drone detection technology are necessary to enhance security.

Securus Wins Stevia Awards.

Securus Technology, a public safety, investigation and corrections services provider, has been working tirelessly through investigation and invention of new technologies required to control increased crime rates. Recently, the company has named the best Sales and Customer Service company in the 2018 Stevia Awards. This is the third consecutive year that Securus has won the Gold Stevia.

Securus’ Operation’s Senior Vice President, Danny de Hoyos said he and the entire team were truly delighted and proud of their customer service team. He further said that 2017 was indeed their best year in Customer Resolution, Net Promoters Scores, and First Call Resolution and the award was a confirmation of the same. He was grateful to their Corporate Escalations team which ensured that they gave the best services to their customers and also that the different groups worked in harmony.


Tony Petrello Hosts Reception Party At His Home For Tommy Tune

Tony Petrello and Tommy Tune each have unique stories, and their careers basically had them switch locations with Petrello leaving a blue collar neighborhood of Newark, NJ to become CEO of a multi-billion dollar oil drilling company in Houston, while Tune left the Houston scene to takeover the stage on Broadway in New York. Tune has starred in many productions over the years and has won several Tony awards for great performances, and he also became good friends with the Petrellos during that time. He received a warm welcome when he came back to Houston to star in a musical at a local theater, and many esteemed guests came with him to a reception party at the Petrello estate. It was fitting because despite Tune’s life in New York City, he is still close to the Houston community and has given back to just as Petrello has over the years.

Tony Petrello’s position as CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries has made him a leader of one of the world’s largest stock of oil drilling equipment, and he’s responsible for the company’s strategic development initiative. During the time he’s been at the company, its seen its profits increase tremendously and many patents in drilling technology have been registered. Tony Petrello also had his contract renewed in 2013 and as a part of the new deal, he was paid millions in bonuses and saw his stock and equity options increase making him the highest-paid CEO that year at a whopping $68.7 million.

Tony Petrello’s early life was not spent in wealth, but he had a gift for solving math problems that many of his friends took great notice of. This talent helped him gain acceptance to Yale University where he studied under and became an assistant to Serge Lange, a renowned professor who specialized in algebraic equations. But instead of following in Lange’s footsteps, Petrello went into law after graduating from Yale. He spent 13 years as an associate and partner at Baker & McKenzie, and it was his expertise in tax laws and managing accounts outside the US that prompted Nabors Industries to hire him as Chief Operating Officer. Since joining Nabors Industries and relocating to Houston, Petrello has given to many Houston charities but probably none more dear to him than the Texas Children’s hospital. Petrello has a young daughter that suffers from cerebral palsy, but in hopes of helping her and other young children he has given over $7 million to the hospital’s research center.

Dr. Mark McKenna Unveils New Cosmetic Medicine Venture OVME, and it Includes an Uber-Style Mobile App

Dr. Mark McKenna, the entrepreneur behind the aesthetic medical treatment business ShapeMed, has a brand-new venture that may revolutionize elective cosmetic medical care. Dr. McKenna recently unveiled OVME, a new cosmetic medicine business that will open its first office on March 1st in Atlanta. Dr. McKenna plans to build OVME into a national chain for cosmetic medical procedures, and their offices will offer services like Botox injections, dermal fillers and testosterone replacement to combat male-pattern baldness. OVME will also offer weight management services that use patient DNA analysis to find effective and personalized weight-loss solutions.

But Dr. Mark McKenna’s plans for OVME don’t stop at building a chain of offices across the country. He plans to design an OVME app that will allow customers to locate freelance practitioners of cosmetic medicine and order house calls–essentially, it will be like Uber, but for Botox and other cosmetic medical treatments. To accomplish this, Dr. McKenna said in an interview with Forbes, he plans to find mid level plastic surgery practitioners at trade shows and plastic surgery society meetings and on Facebook, then offer them the opportunity to earn extra money by logging into the OVME app and locating house call requests in their area. In addition, the app will also allow patients to receive virtual consultations.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from Tulane Medical School, but soon after graduating, he switched from medicine to business and founded a real estate company in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of his business, he moved to Atlanta to open ShapeMed, his first foray into the cosmetic medicine business. He later sold ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness in 2015, and he then briefly worked for Lifetime before leaving to begin work on OVME. Dr. Mark McKenna has developed an excellent reputation thanks to his focus on customer experience and his safe, risk-reducing practices, and OVME is McKenna’s most customer-centric business yet. By expanding the number of OVME offices across the country and allowing customers to receive treatment anywhere with the OVME app, Dr. McKenna’s newest business has the potential to change the way that elective cosmetic medicine is practiced.


Meet Tony Petrello: He’s The Chairman And CEO Of Nabors Industries Who Gives Back To Those In Need

Tony Petrello may be a long time resident of Texas, but he was born and raised in New Jersey. Petrello is Chairman, President and CEO of Nabors Industries, Ltd., one of the largest land-drilling companies in the world. His impressive résumé includes a Juris Doctor earned at Harvard University, and an undergraduate and master’s degree earned in mathematics from Yale University. He also has an impressive résumé when it comes to giving back to charitable causes.

Yet, even with Petrello’s wins in business at Nabors Industries, and an impressive education in mathematics and law from Ivy League schools, he has dealt with challenges on a personal level. In 1997, Petrello’s daughter was born premature at just 24 weeks old. Their newborn, Carena, weighed just 20 ounces. In addition to a premature birth, Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a neurological disorder.

As a result, Petrello’s daughter, Carena, ended up developing cerebral palsy, which is a neurological condition that can impedes a child’s physical development and lead to additional issues.

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For someone like Anthony Petrello, who was considered a genius in mathematics for solving complex math problems at Yale, Carena’s rare medical condition led him to delve deeper into her issues. He was interested in figuring out what the cause of Carena’s premature birth was, along with her neurological disorders.

Carena’s rare condition led Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, to donate resources to Texas Children’s Hospital to fund neurological research. The Petrello’s created the Petrello Family Foundation in 2001, which focuses on improving education, medicine, as well as the performing arts. The couple donated 7 million dollars to Texas Children’s Hospital, and were co-chairs for a campaign to raise more than 500 million for the hospital. The Petrello’s have been charitable not only for medical research, but for other causes.

The Petrello’s have also donated to the performing arts. In November of 2017, the couple hosted a cocktail party with 50 special guests for Tommy Tune, a famous Broadway legend who the couple welcomed back to his home state of Texas. Tune was born in Wichita Falls, but went to high school and attended graduate school in Houston.

Cynthia Petrello has a special bond with talents like Tommy Tune. Now retired, she was once a New York actress. Although New York is a distance from the Petrello’s in Texas, the couple’s show of gratitude towards Broadway and Tune is admirable.

See: http://www1.salary.com/Anthony-G-Petrello-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-NABORS-INDUSTRIES-LTD.html

Betsy DeVos addresses free speech on campus

There are few things in the United States these days that are hot a topic as free speech in this country. That’s either because President Trump is talking about people not applauding him during the State of Union, or because of people who are trying to silence those on both sides of the gun debate. There has also been a rejuvenated interest in free speech when it comes to college campuses, though there have been some pretty strong disagreements about just what this means, whether you are coming at it from a Liberal or Conservative point of view.


Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education has recently waded into the conversation about free speech on Campus. Betsy Devos recently spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and said that the issue of free speech is both “timely and serious.” She added that threats and perceived threats to freedom of speech on college campuses must be addressed from a multitude of angles.


During her appearance at CPAC, DeVos said she has seen instances at many colleges where the administration was shutting down free and open expression, as well as “debate around ideas.” There was a time when the Liberal side of the political aisle was the one making this claim, but the Conservatives in the United States have started to take up that mantle. There has long been a perception that colleges and universities unless they are specifically geared towards a conservative agenda, have had a liberal bias.


DeVos talked about how when she went to school, she specifically did it so that she could test out some of her ideas about the world around her. While she admitted there are still plenty of people that take the same approach, it feels as if it’s a bit more controlled than it used to be.


Since DeVos is the United States Secretary of Education, there are some that are going to wonder just what she plans to do in order to help there be more free speech on college campuses. Those who have been her political enemies might even feel as though those kinds of comments are more an excuse towards taking aim at colleges than anything else. Since she has been named to Donald Trump’s cabinet there have been more than a few Democrats who have said she has had something up her sleeve.


DeVos has long been an advocate for private education in the area of public education. This has angered several of her most ardent enemies, as they believe she is going to be taking protections away from people who cannot afford to take up a fight. While there were some pretty massive changes when she first took the post, she has largely had a lower profile in recent months. One has to wonder if DeVos speaking at CPAC might be her announcing she is going to be back in the public eye just a bit more. Whether or not that would be a good or a bad thing is largely based on which side of the aisle you are on.


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Scott Rocklage: Working Hard to Find a Cure

Expansion Therapeutics has raising Series A funding for assistance in combating a variety of genetic disorders, including myotonic dystrophy type 1. This condition, also calls DM1, is the top cause of adult muscular dystrophy. Expansion Therapeutics recently added over $55 million to its current offers in order to help fight this disease. It is believes that symptoms of DM1 show themselves once RNA reaches a toxic level in the body.


Organizations like Sanofi Ventures, as well as 5AM Ventures and Kleiner Perkins all participated in the financing, and RA Capital Management and Alexandria Venture Investments lent their support as well.


RNA are the molecules that turn into proteins and are transferred from our DNA. When RNA is produced in cells and reaches dangerous levels DM1 can occur. The muscles, including the heart, as well as the central nervous and respiratory systems are affected by this disease. Some individuals also experience gastrointestinal distress and hormone imbalance. It is possible for whole families to have DM1 and the condition grows worse with each new generation. At this time, there are no effective treatment for the condition.


Dr. Scott Rocklage and his team are working with Expansion Therapeutics to find a cure for this disease. Dr. Rocklage is also working with a research team to find out more about DM1. There is also a plan in place to advance RNA-targeted molecules. Dr. Rocklage and his team are excited to continue partnering with Expansion Therapeutics and develop medications for patients in need.


Dr. Scott Rocklge is the 5AM Ventures management parter and graduated from the University of California Berkeley. He is also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he earned a Ph.D in Chemistry.


Visit http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/ to learn more.

Desiree Perez A Powerful Negotiator

Roc Nation and TIDAL Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Perez, was recently named by Billboard Magazine one of their Digital Power Players of 2017. The news should not come as a surprise to many as Perez has been a fixture in the music industry since she took the rein of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation in 2009. She has helped negotiate a number of deals for Roc Nation, and is considered by many as one of the fiercest negotiators in the business.

Des, as she is called by many, has over 20 years of experience in operating entertainment venues in New York City and owner of SC Enterprises. She is known to be a masterful numbers person and is a part of the infamous Hova Circle of Influence. She was currently named by Jay-Z as the COO of TIDAL, Roc Nation’s music streaming service. Des went right to work, securing a deal with cell phone service provider, Sprint. The deal was for 33 percent of Tidal in exchange for $200 million. The real sweet part of the deal for TIDAL is that it now has access to potentially 45 million Sprint subscribers This deal could pay in spades for TIDAL.

Des Perez is perhaps known best for her negotiation skills. Her most well-known deals include the Samsung deal with pop star Rihanna and Beyoncé Knowles’ Foundation Stadium deal. Known as being ruthless at the negotiation table, Desiree Perez is one of the most important people in Jay-Z’s circle. A trusted friend and business partner of the music mogul for over 20 years, Des Perez will likely remain a powerful figure in the entertainment and music industries for years to come.

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Equities First Holdings Provides a Better Alternative

Equities First Holdings is a global stock-based lender for large business and individuals that seek non-purpose capital. The firm was founded in 2002 and has offices based in Indianapolis, New York City, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney. Equities First Holdings is quickly becoming one of the largest providers of alternative stock-based loans in the world. For over fourteen years, the firm has managed over $1.4 billion unique transactions and is expected to see a significant increase of clients or borrowers annually, and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

The firm offers very low-interest rates on all of their alternative loans and this has been well-received by many of their international clients that have fewer options to choose from. Equities First Holdings also provides fixed interest rates that will carry over to an extended period, this option allows their clients to easily settle the credit and repay their loans. The firm has successfully finished more than 700 transactions.

Adam Milstein: Bio in Less Than Four-Hundred Words

This here will address an activist TuviaMilsztein or known in America as Adam Millstein who is Israili-American. Adam Milstein is many things. He is a current community leader, active philanthropist, and a real estate investor as well. He was born in Israel, but in the year 1981 had moved to the United States of America. Milstein currently lives in California with his family and has three grandchildren and three kids.

When Adam Milstein lived in Israel he had played a part as an IDF. This was during the Yom Kippur War. For college, Adam Milstein attended the Technion and graduated in 1978. When he arrived in the United States he got from USC an MBA. He then started a job in Southern California Real Estate two years later form the move in 1983. He is currently a Managing Partner in a private commercial real estate investment firm. He is a managing partner there.

Adam Milstein does many kinds of philanthropic actions. One of them is an organization called SifriyatPijamaB’America, he and his wife Gila are both co-finders of this organization. This organization donates books in Hebrew for free to over 15,000 families in the United States who are Israeli-Jewish-America. He also is involved in the Millstein Family Foundation. This organization supports organizations like Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, and Israel on Campus Coalition, and https://israeliamerican.org/national/team-member/adam-milstein.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (“MFF”) is a foundation to help a variety of organizations that are Pro-Israel. The main mission of the organization is to make the State of Israel stronger which is the homeland of the Jewish people. Another mission they want to complete is to guarantee the special relationship to the future and young Jewish generations of the State of Israel. Also, to strengthen the special ties it has with America as well. The philanthropic philosophy is to train and teach young professionals and students to of things like connect with the State of Israel and identify the Jewish roots they have. Three pillars the group has are “Active Philanthropy”, “life path impact”, and a “philanthropy synergy” as well, and read full article.